Rejuvenate Your Skin

Give your skin that special treatment it deserves with our personally crafted facial treatments. Our specialists are highly trained and well equipped to handle all your skin care needs. Attention to detail is our main motto. Visit to enjoy your spa date with us in a relaxing and comfortable environment. We offer beverages of the customers' choice.

Our Facial Services

Facial Services

  • CACI Non-Surgical face Lift
  • Facials
  • Peels
  • LPG Endermolift
  • Makeup Application
  • Facial Waxing: Brow, lips, chin, and sides of the face
  • Brows and lashes

Caci Non-surgical Face lift

CACI Non-Surgical Face Lift

Ensure you achieve a smooth and dramatic appearance by using our award winning CACI non-surgical face lift. It's a non-surgical treatment that tightens and tones your facial muscles and wrinkles. A 10 sessions course is suitable for maximum results.

  • 55 min: $95
  • Purchase a full course of CACI non-surgical face lift at $950 (must be paid in full)
  • Special promotion - save 10%!
  • Booster course of 3 treatments: $390

CACI Super - $120

The Super is the most advanced facial non-surgical technology available. Combining the classic CACI micro-current, crystal-free microdermabrasion, red light therapy, and high-frequency stimulation, the Super is truly the most versatile treatment system. With these technologies, we can treat a full range of skin needs, including lifting and toning, deep lines and wrinkles, scarring, uneven skin texture, and dull, lifeless skin.

  • 90 min: $120
  • Purchase a full course of 10 treatments of CACI super: $1,200 special promotion! (must be paid in full)
  • Save 10% when your bill is over $100!

CACI Ultimate - $135

Includes all the same services as the CACI super adding Endermolift for the ultimate non-surgical and non-evasive anti-aging facial treatment.

  • Single treatment: $135
  • Purchase a full course (I.E., 10 treatments) of CACI super: $1,350 special promotion! (must be paid in full)
  • Save 10% - If it's over $100!, you save 10%

Add-on Treatments

Add on a treatment that is available for 10-15 depending on your skin's requirements.

  • Crystal-free Microdermabrasion - $20
  • Endermolift Skin Tightening Using Aspiration - $25
  • Ultrasound Moisture Pumping - $20


Classic Facials

Our highly trained and experienced specialists will conduct a full skin analysis with any facial treatment to align the perfect products needed to achieve the optimum results for your skin needs using Dermalogica skin care products.

Classic European Facial - $90

This is a 60-minute procedure. We clean and exfoliate it to remove makeup,  impurities, and dead skin cells after we analyze your skin. Followed by that is a relaxing massage of the face, head, and shoulders. After the massage, we apply a customized mask made with the ingredients that will provide a sunscreen effect leaving a moisturized, relaxed, healthy, and glowing complexion.

Clarifying Acne Facial - $120

This is a 70-minute procedure. We use pharmaceutical approved products to remove bacteria and surface oil from pores, dead skin cells, and protect your skin from environmental toxins that can cause breakouts and redness. We will also use mild hydrating products after the facial treatment to increase your skin's health. A regular series of facials combined with at-home skincare will keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Gentlemen’s Facial - $90

This is a 60-minute procedure that is designed specially for men. It is beneficial for skin damaged by shaving and sun exposure. It has a deep cleansing effect that restores the radiance and fresh look of your skin.

Back Purifier - $100

This is a 70-minute procedure that provided a deep cleansing and toning effect. It offers deep pore cleansing, a relaxing exfoliation, steam to lift impurities, along with gentle extractions, and a light massage. We also apply a customized mask to protect your skin from free radicals and irritants.


Facial Peels

At B Beautiful Day Spa, we offer a variety of facial peels to enhance the health and radiance of your skin.

LPG Endermolift

LPG Non-surgical Face Lift

Looking for fast and visible facelift results on your skin? Choose our LPG Endermolift treatment for your special needs and requirements. This is an exclusive anti-aging technology that is tailored to add volume to your skin and erase the signs of aging. It eliminates wrinkles, firms contours, balances your complexion, and overall refines and reshapes your face with a cumulative effect. Trust us to complete the LPG Non-surgical Face Lift treatment. 

  • Single treatment $75
  • 45 mins session
  • Purchase a full course of 4 or 8 treatments with special promotion offer by saving 10%.
  • Must be paid in full

Makeup Application

Makeup application

When you want to look your best on your special day, let our professionals transform you. We have expertise in makeup application and we'll ensure we select the perfect colors and tones to match your complexion. 

  • Evening/Special Occasion - $75
  • Prom - $75
  • Bridal Trial - $85
  • Bridal - $100

Either at your home or venue, our bridal makeup and hair service is available on-site. Learn more about the prices upon consultation.

Brows and lashes

eyebrow treatments

  • Lash Extensions (full set) - $140
  • Lash Fill - $80
  • Lash Lifting - $75
  • Lash Lifting w/ Tint - $100
  • Brow Tinting w/ Brow Shaping - $40
  • Lash Tinting - $35